Seagull Knit Stitch :: Free Knit Stitch Pattern

Number os stitches multiple of 10
Start it on the back of your work.

Knit one row before starting it.
Row 1: *k2, p6, k2*
Row 2: *p2, k6, p2*
Row 3: *k2, p6, k2*
 Row 4: *p2, slip one st to the back, k1, k2 on the sts there were in the back, 1 slip one st to the front, k2, return the stitch and k1, p2.*

Rep rows 1 to 4.

*I made a correction on: december 2nd 2016.

Hello. If you don't speak Brazilian Portuguese, don't worry. I made subtitles to the video tutorial, so you can have the pattern and the yarn informations on it ok. And if you have a question, you can send me a message (in English) here. Unfortunately I can't translate it into other languages, but my videos can receive subtitles and translations from readers, so feel free to contribute. Oh and here are more posts in English for you. Big hug! See you.

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