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Using WW cotton yarn, and US7 (4.5mm) needles, cast on 39 stitches.

Knit 5 rows of seed stitch border.

Row 1 (WS) : B4, P31, B4

Row 2 (RS) : B4, K3, (YO, SSK, K4)x4, YO, SSK, K2, B4

Row 3 : B4, P31, B4

Row 4 : B4, K1, (K2TOG, YO, K1, YO, SSK, K1)x5, B4

Row 5 : B4, P31, B4

Row 6 : B4, K2TOG, YO, (K3, YO, SK2TP, YO)x4, K3, YO, SSK, B4

Row 7 : B4, P31, B4

Row 8 : B4, K1, (YO, SSK, K1, K2TOG, YO, K1)x5, B4

Row 9 : B4, P31, B4

Row 10 : B4, K1, (YO, SSK, K1, K2TOG, YO, K1)x5, B4

Repeat Rows 1 to 10 four more times for a total of five repeats.

Work one more row B4, P31, B4.

Knit 5 rows of seed stitch border.

Bind off. Weave ends. Block if desired.

Seed stitch top & bottom rows = (K1, P1) across to penultimate stitch, end last stitch K1.

B4 = 4 stitch seed stitch border. K1, P1, K1, P1 at beginning of row. P1, K1, P1, K1 at end of row.

K2TOG = knit 2 stitches together

SK2TP = slip one stitch, knit 2 stitches together, pass slipped stitch over

SSK = slip one stitch, slip another stitch, knit these two slipped stitches together

Instructions in parentheses followed by x4 or x5 means you do what is in the paretheses the number of times indicated after "x". For example, (YO, SSK, K4)x4 means YO, SSK, K4, YO, SSK, K4, YO, SSK, K4, YO, SSK, K4.

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