Stitch :: Squares and Lozenges


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Cast on a number os sts multiple of 16 + 1

Row 1: *k2tog tbl, yo (4 times), k8* p1.
Row 2: *k9, p7* p1.
Row 3: *k2tog tbl, yo (4 times), k8* p1.
Row 4: *k9, p7* p1.
Row 5: *k2tog tbl, yo (4 times), k8* p1.
Row 6: *k9, p7* p1.
Row 7: *k2tog tbl, yo (4 times), k8* p1.
Row 8: *k9, p7* p1.

Row 9: k1 *k8, yo, k2tog (4 times)*.
Row 10: p1 *p7, k9*.
Row 11: k1 *k8, yo, k2tog (4 times)*.
Row 12: p1 *p7, k9*.
Row 13: k1 *k8, yo, k2tog (4 times)*.
Row 14: p1 *p7, k9*.
Row 15: k1 *k8, yo, k2tog (4 times)*.
Row 16: p1 *p7, k9*.

Hello. If you don't speak Brazilian Portuguese, don't worry. I added subtitles to the video tutorial so you can have the pattern and the yarn information on it ok? And if you have a question you can send me a message (in English). Unfortunately I can't translate it into other languages, but my videos can receive subtitles and translations from readers, so feel free to contribute. Oh and here are more posts in English and knit stitch patterns for you. Big hug! See you.

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