Diagonal Scarf :: Knitted Scarf Free Pattern

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Translation, Execution e Photos: Blog-By-Day
Original Pattern: Alicia Fleitas to Misti International Inc

Gauge: A 2cm x 2 cm square has 3 sts x 4 rows.
Materials: Scissor
Knitting needle size 7 mm
 (3 yarns) D'Primera color 992
Each yarn ball has 40g (84m), 100% acrylic, with 468 tex
Crochet needle for the fringes (opcional)

How to Knit:
Cast on 16 sts + 2 (for edges)
Purl 2 rows.
Row 1: (p1) *p2, k2* (p1)
Row 2: (p1) *p1, k2, p1* (p1)
Row 3: (p1) *k2, p2* (p1)
Row 4: (p1) *k1, p2, k1* (p1)
After desired lenght: purl one row
Bind off.
For the fringes cut pieces of 11 inches.
 I used 32 pieces in total (16 for each side).

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